Why Portable Hot Tubs Are a Good Buy

Some people who want to have a hot tub at home, or a home spa, would prefer to buy a portable hot tub than the regular one. Many are finding it more advantageous to buy portable hot tubs for a number of reasons, aside from having to deal with the many hassles of electrical wiring and plumbing.

There are two types of portable hot tubs, the inflatable ones and those that are made from molded plastic. The molded plastic variety is created from a kind of plastic that wears after a long time. This kind of hot tub has two skins, and is insulated by a foam filling. This kind of insulation helps maintain water temperature, and thus will be more energy efficient. Most molded-plastic portable hot tubs have seats that are molded in the tub. This might make it uncomfortable for people to move around a lot but will also provide the user with additional support. An inflatable portable hot tub is made from a heavy-duty thick plastic (UPVC). This material will not tear easily.

Portable Hot TubsThe air that is pumped into the tub serves as the insulator of the system. There are also some inflatable tubs that contain an additional panel of insulation. Because an inflatable portable hot tub does not have fixed, or molded seats, moving around on the tub will be a lot easier. Comparing these two kinds of portable hot tubs in terms of cost, the molded plastic tub will definitely cost more than an inflatable tub. Both of these kinds of portable tubs will already come with the necessary equipments however, so there will be no need to spend more in buying the necessary fixing tools and pumps.

The Good and Bad of Portable Hot Tubs

Like a conventional hot tub, a portable hot tub also has its good and bad sides. Before coming up with a decision, it is always best to have enough knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of a portable hot tub.

Most portable hot tubs are not very sturdy, probably because these are made of a lighter and more easily handled material. Thus, if you decide to purchase one, you will have to condition yourself to handle it more carefully than you would a conventional hot tub. When it comes to the aesthetics of the hot tub itself, a conventional hot tub may be more attractive to the eye because there are a lot more that can be done artistically on the material of a non-portable tub. When it comes to a hot tub’s features, a portable hot tub might have less features than that of a conventional one.

While there are disadvantages to a portable hot tub, there are also advantages to it. The most common advantage of portable hot tubs would be its portability. Meaning, you can bring it with you, anywhere you go. Whether you might be relocating to a new place or just go out of town for a vacation, you can still enjoy the luxury of relaxing in your own home spa. With your portable hot tub, you will not have to visit a spa while on another place and share a hot tub with people you don’t know, whom you might possibly catch a disease from.

Another advantage of portable hot tubs is its ease in handling. Because there are no complex features in a portable tub, the basic controls make it easy for you to understand how to operate it. What is needed is only an electrical outlet to which the

Unit can be plugged into.

so, since it is a portable tub, it can be placed on any flat surface, whether it be indoor or outdoor. There will be no need to dig any holes outside for the tub just to save space. Especially if you are living in a relatively small room where space is important to you, you can just as easily store it when it is not in use, in order to maximize the space in your house.

Why A Portable Hot Tub Is The Better Option

When talking about the cost, there is little doubt that a portable hot tub will be relatively less expensive than the usual hot tub. There are portable hot tubs that cost several hundred dollars, as compared to a conventional hot tub that costs several thousands of dollars, even more. By cost, this does not only refer to the prize of the hot tub itself, but the overall expenses incurred because of the hot tub, or the home spa itself.  An in-ground hot tub that needs plumbing will incur expenses. Maintenance of this kind of a hot tub will incur expenses as well. With a portable hot tub, there will be no need for plumbing installation, plus it does not require meticulous maintenance. This all translates to less expense when it comes to your portable home spa. Plus, because portable hot tubs are smaller, these would require less water and a relatively small dose of chemicals. Over time, you will find that a portable hot tub costs much less to maintain than an in-ground hot tub.

Because it is portable, there will be no need to buy another if the time ever comes when you need to relocate. You can just deflate your hot tub and bring it with you to your new house, unlike a hot tub that is embedded into the ground.

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