Understanding Different Spa Parts

As responsible owners, we care for our spas by doing routine clean ups and using accessories like hot tub covers. We would like our tubs always running smoothly, but wear and tear brought on by time and regular usage can still affect its parts and slow down performance. This is why it is important that we not only polish its surface and cabinet but also inspect and look after internal hot tub parts. Just like any other appliance, we can prevent the spread of damage and eventual break down by watching out for signs of malfunction. Regular maintenance and hot tub replacement parts can save you from incurring big repair expenses or from buying a whole new spa.

The vital hot tub spa parts include a pump, a heater, filters and a control system with each part playing a major role in making a spa run. Take one out and the whole tub will cease to function properly.  There are also the other important trimmings such as water jets and light fixtures that are very common in the modern day spa.

Understanding how a hot tub works and how each part functions can have a huge impact on everyday usage and maintenance. Whether you own Leisure Bay spa parts or coleman hot tub parts, this  article will provide basic information that will help any spa owner. Let us take a look at each part and briefly discuss their purpose.


A hot tub’s pump is responsible for circulating water within the tub , through the jets and filtration system.  A motor powers the hot tub pump parts and helps them operate whether at high or low speed. Turning on jets would naturally cause the pump to work harder at high speed as it forces water at high pressure, but it will operate at low levels as water would normally go around the tub right through its filters.  A spa can have more than one pump and the number of pumps would entirely depend on the spa’s size. A two person portable hot tub can function in one pump.

Control System or Spa Pack

The control system, also known as the ‘Spa Pack’ is the command post, the center of operations and nerve center responsible steering the rest of the spa parts which includes the pump, blower, heater and jet pumps so they all work harmoniously. A spa’s lighting system and on/off switches are also connected to the spa pack. This is also an essential component as it makes it possible to adjust the thermostat and regulate water temperature. A broken control system can be a cause for alarm as it could result to an inoperative and malfunctioning unit. When this happens, consult professionals and check for hot tub repair parts.

Heaterhot tub parts

A hot tub would not be in existence without a heating device that warms up the water. Electricity is necessary to power the heater and a thermostat to regulate it. As the water is pumped around the tub, the heating element works simultaneously to supply warm water. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heating process still continues in order to keep the water warm and within the desired temp reading. To prevent dehydration and burns while lounging in the bath for hours, experts  recommend not going beyond 104 °F. This part failing does not necessarily mean the end of the life for a spa. Replacement can still be purchased at spa parts depot, online sellers and stores that carry hot tub parts.


Tap water may contain dirt, harmful bacteria and organisms which heat alone cannot eliminate. Combined with chemicals for water treatment, hot tub filters can keep spa water clean and safe. One new addition to spa parts technology is a filter called Ozonator which got its name from the word “ozone”.  Ozone is formed through a special type of light and is injected to the spa through a small venturi. It then acts as a water purifying agent and behaves in the same way as  Bromine and Chlorine in removing organisms in the water. This greatly benefits spa users as it can reduce the costs to purchase water cleaning agents and chemicals.

Other hot tub parts: Hydrojet, cabinet, blower and lights

spa partsHydrojet or simply called ‘jet’ is a nozzle that is hooked to a valve and is used to draw air in order to form bubbles. Water jets which are strategically placed at various points in the tub also make hydrotherapy possible. Blowers, on the other hand, are more commonly seen in old spa models. Similar to hydrojets, blowers serve as air bubble making machines and they make soaking in tubs a lot more fun and relaxing.

Hot tub lights serve to illuminate and help with visibility around hot tubs. A good lighting setup can also enhance the look of a spa especially at night as they become more prominent. Modern spa layouts have adjustable and changeable light colors which can help set the mood and create a more relaxed ambience.

The cabinets forms the base of the hot tub and protects it from the underside against moisture and other harmful elements. It also provides support and added insulation. The wooden or synthetic enclosure is built with doors that give easy access hot tub parts and hot tub plumbing parts. Certain kinds of spas and portable hot tubs may not have cabinets like the inflatable ones.

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