The Inflatable Hot Tub

The inflatable hot tub can be considered as a relatively recent invention in the world of home spas. This kind of a hot tub has gained popularity because it is less expensive, and in some ways, more convenient than that of conventional home spas.

The Conventional Hot Tub Versus The Inflatable Hot Tub

Although both the conventional and inflatable hot tub were created for the same purpose, there are still significant differences between the two, which can influence a buyer’s decision about which kind of hot tub to buy. Unlike conventional hot tubs, inflatable ones have great flexibility. An inflatable hot tub is very flexible because it can be deflated or broken down, and then placed on any flat surface you want to put it.  Another difference between the two hot tubs is that inflatable ones usually run on 120 volts. Basically, this means that it can be plugged into any regular outlet in your home. When it comes to operating costs, the inflatable hot tub will have significantly lower operating costs as compared to a conventional one.

Inflatable Hot TubIf there are advantages to the inflatable kind, there are also a few disadvantages that you will want to consider when choosing between a conventional hot tub and an inflatable one. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of an inflatable hot tub is durability. This kind of a hot tub, being relatively lighter and portable, is made of materials that are less durable. Conventional hot tubs are made of stronger materials, can stand wear and tear, and can last for a long time (if properly maintained). Another disadvantage of an inflatable hot tub over the conventional one is that it has less heating power. Also, the inflatable kind does not have water jets, unlike a conventional one. Instead, what it has is a blower that blows the air around to create that hydrotherapy effect. As a result of this, water will cool faster in an inflatable hot tub that it will on a conventional one. Also, the heat loss is faster because the material of an inflatable tub does not provide that much insulation. Lastly, an inflatable hot tub requires a lot of work to set up or to disassemble. When setting it up, you will have to deal with pumping air into the tub to inflate it, and then filling the tub with water once it has been inflated. You will then have to wait longer before it achieves the water temperature that you want. When disassembling it, you will have to drain the tub with water, as well as air.

When Is An Inflatable Hot Tub The Better Option?

When buying your home spa, an inflatable hot tub is the better option when price is a major consideration. Inflatable ones are way less expensive than conventional, permanent hot tubs. You will not have to spend over a thousand dollars for the inflatable kind, and still have that home spa experience. Also, if you are not planning to stay permanently in your current location and would want to bring your hot tub with you, then an inflatable hot tub is definitely the better option. You might be living in a rented house right now, but eventually plan to buy your own in the future. It would be a good decision to buy an inflatable hot tub instead of the permanent kind because you will not be altering the house’s original structure and look. With permanent, in-ground hot tubs, you will need to have a hole dug into the ground and this could mean that you might have to ask for a signed permission from the owner of the house. That would be too troublesome for something that you will only be temporarily using. With an inflatable hot tub, you can just place it on any part of your home (inside or outside), as long as it is a flat surface. You will not have to trouble yourself with asking for permits or complying with requirements in order to dig a hole on the ground or change the structure of the house a little bit in order for the hot tub to be accommodated.

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