The Different Hot Tub Parts

Having a hot tub in your home could be one of the most luxurious purchases you can make. Because a hot tub does not really come cheap, it is important to keep it properly maintained and in tip-top condition. Part of its maintenance is to check on the hot tub parts. Regular check ups of its parts is necessary in order to prevent a worsening of any condition, in case one of the parts need to be replaced.

Important Hot Tub Parts That Need To Be Checked

Almost all modern hot tubs have a pump, a heater, filters, and a control system. These four important hot tub parts contribute significantly to the overall performance and safety of the hot tub. There are even hot tubs that are equipped with jets, for the purpose of hydrotherapy. A significant difference in performance will immediately be noticed if one or more of these important hot tub parts fail to function.

Functions of Different Hot Tub Parts

A hot tub’s pump is responsible for circulating the water in the tub. This particular part both operates the jets and filters the water. Usually a pump can operate in either high speed or low speed. It runs on high speed when it operates the jets while it runs on low speed when it filters the water. Depending on the size of the hot tub, it can have just one pump, or it can also have more than one pumps.

The hot tub’s control (otherwise known as the spa pack) is responsible for making the pump, the jet, heaters and the filters work well together.  The hot tub’s control system makes it possible for the user to adjust the water temperature, whether he is outside or inside the tub. A malfunctioning control will almost always result to a malfunctioning hot tub, because there will be no way to adjust the performance of either or all hot tub parts. Other functions of a hot tub’s control is turning the lights off or on, and powering up an ozonator.Hot Tub Parts

The hot tub’s heater, as its name implies, is responsible for bringing the water to a desired warm temperature. While the water circulates in the tub, it is warmed by the heater’s heating element. The heater then continues to run as it maintains the water’s desired warm temperature. As for water temperature on the hot tub, it is highly recommended to not let it go beyond 104oF  in order to prevent the body from being dehydrated or burned while using the hot tub.

The hot tub’s filter is responsible for filtering out foreign substances that are present in the water. In other words, the filter keeps the water clear and clean. Most of the time, chemicals are added to the water, as the filter itself is incapable of eliminating very minute contaminants and bacteria that might be present in the water. Recently, a new kind of filter called the ozonator has been used in newer models of hot tubs to filter impurities in water. Hot tub parts like the ozonator makes use of a different kind of light that generates ozone. This ozone is then injected  to the spa via a small venturi. The function of the ozone is basically the same as that of Bromine or Chlorine such that it destroys organic materials. With the ozonator, the use of chemicals in filtering water in hot tubs is significantly reduced. Like the conventional filter, the ozonator is also controlled by the hot tub’s pack or control system.

Other hot tub parts include the hydrojet (often simply referred to as jet), the blowers, the cabinet, and the hot tub lights.  The hydrojet is a nozzle that draws air  in and is connected to a valve. This connection makes it possible for air bubbles to be created. As previously stated, a hydrojet is installed in a hot tub in order to provide hydrotherapy to the body. Blowers are hot tub parts that are commonly found in older hot tub models. These blowers create air bubbles in the water and can basically be considered as a predecessor of a hydrojet, as these two hot tub parts have a similar function.

Regular check ups of these hot tub parts will ensure that your home spa’s life will be longer. If left unchecked and a part becomes defective, it will be most likely that other parts will be affected and become defective as well, leading to a bigger problem with the hot tub.

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