Hot Tubs: Why You Should Buy One

There was a time when having a hot tub meant that you were the richest neighbour living around the
block. As times have passed, the hot tub has now become synonymous with families getting together for
a nice warm soak in the evening rather than serving as a mere prop for late-night parties.

But why would you want to invest in a hot tub then? After all, you can always go to a local spa
downtown and pay for a single night of relaxation, can’t you? Well, here’s the thing: hot tubs are now
more affordable than ever. And not only that, it has its other purposes that we will detail later in this

Hot TubFirst of all, hot tubs and spas aren’t the same thing. Spas—the “artificial” ones, at least—are made of
acrylic materials or, in some cases, even plastic. A hot tub, on the other hand, is typically made of wood.
That’s why it’s no surprise that hot tubs are being installed usually on the “outdoors” of a house, since
having your back resting against a wooded panel can simulate a feeling of being one with nature, so to

There is also the prevailing notion that when you install a hot tub inside your home, you will have to
literally “attach” it to the floor akin to digging a large hole for a swimming pool to be built on. That may
have been the case some years ago, but the majority of hot tubs are now sold in “portable” sets. Yes,
that means that you can just as easily carry it around and tuck the materials inside your car when you’re
transporting it from one home to another. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t customize a hot
tub’s look to your preference. For example, if you want to install a set of steps leading to the hot tub to
give the people the impression that it was really built onto the ground, you can now do so.

Hots Tubs Economy

There may also be some cases where people will grumble about their power bills taking a beating just
because they have a hot tub installed on their house. While that may depend on the frequency of usage
of said product, there are now options as to how you can power up your hot tub. Not only can you plug
one on a standard 110-volt outlet typically found in many American homes, but you can now run a hot
tub using a propane tank.

Scientifically speaking, immersing yourself in a full-body hot tub bath has now been proven to improve
circulation and mobility for your tired joints. But for everything else, having a hot tub installed on your
home means more than just ending a hectic day by soothing yourself. As evidenced by the sales of
hot tubs from these last couple of years, many who brought these products are those who specifically
ordered them to have their families included in their “therapeutic” sessions. Clearly, this has such
become a medium for family and friends to bond together over something that sales of hot tubs may
potentially increase in the near future.


Leisure Bay Spa: Hot Tubs for the Masses

It can be deceptively easy to look at some people having their own private hot tubs and judge them
immediately and carelessly for being flagrant and wasteful about their “resources”. Well, here’s a
counter-argument: if you know you can afford to pay for it, then why should you be ashamed of having
a hot tub installed on your house? Nevertheless, the “glamorization” that comes with having an in-
house spa is very unnecessary. It’s certainly not that expensive to have a hot tub installed in your house.
Just ask Leisure Bay Spas.

Leisure Bay Spas has been around since 1974. During that time, having a hot tub installed on a private
residence back then was understandably very expensive. However, the raw materials and technology
used for making a spa machine has been gradually becoming more sophisticated and, dare we say, even
more affordable than it was some forty-odd years ago.

That is not to say, holeisure bay spawever, that a hot tub is still marketed as a rich man’s luxury item. That image has
been long gone by now. If you need proof, there were about 300,000 units sold each year by Leisure Bay
Spa—a high margin to be beaten by any “luxury” item, whatever you may think of it. What gives? Does
that mean that there are now more people who have suddenly found themselves with an unlimited
reserve of disposable income?

Well, it’s not quite like that. It’s just simply that what the company offers is much cheaper than any
similar product that you can think of to pit it against. This public move by the company from a principle
of seeming exclusivity to one of inclusivity had certainly netted them a whole new generation of
customers—working-class folk and large families, to name some—that has helped a lot in dispelling the
image of a spa-owning person as being a typically snooty chap.

Leisure Bay Spa Prices

How “affordable” is it then? Surprisingly, it’s relatively cheap. One of the more popular products of
Not every “luxury” item, like a hot tub/spa, should be marketed and sold as one. As demonstrated by
Leisure Bay Spas, you can now own your very own private hot spa for as low as $4,000. It’s practically
tailor-made for every kind of usage there is, so everyone can have a good time lazing around inside one
of their products, from couples to even families and relatives! For more information with regards to
their other products and services, please visit their official website.


The Importance Of Spa Covers

A number of home spas or hot tubs sold in the market today already come with its spa covers. However for those hot tubs without it, you might want to consider purchasing one, or even making it a do-it-yourself project to create a cover for your hot tub. A spa cover is one of the most useful accessories for your hot tub and it plays an important role in prolonging the life of your home spa, as well as keeping its interiors clean.

The Purpose of Spa Covers

As its name suggests, spa covers are created basically to cover the hot tub when it is not in use. Especially if the tub is placed outdoors and already has water in it, leaves, foreign matter, and other debris might fall into the water, making your home spa dirty and the water unclear. If your hot tub has a spa cover however, you reduce this occurrence significantly and at the same time you will not be hassled with very frequently changing the water in your home spa. Aside from keeping dirt out, spa covers also serve to keep the heat from the water in. This is actually energy efficient, because the system will not have to use too much energy to keep the water at the desired warm temperature.

Where To Purchase Spa Covers

Spa covers can usually be found in stores that sell hot tubs and hot tub accessories. Shops that specialize in different kinds of home spa and spa accessories will also most likely have stocks of spa covers for sale. If you are looking for cheap covers for your hot tub, you might want to check out these specialty shops, aside from department stores. Because a specialty shop offers relatively more options than a department store, most likely you will find spa covers that are of really good quality but are sold at a very reasonable prize.Spa Covers

There are also a number of online stores that offer these kinds of covers. If you do not feel like scouring the city just to find a good quality cover for your hot tub, then you can just browse online for different sites that sell hot tubs and spa accessories. There are also a lot of good choices that can be found online, even for non-common goods like spa covers. Before deciding to shop on a particular online store though, make sure that you have done enough research about which stores are legitimate and which stores have good customer feedback. It is always wise to be cautious when shopping online because you would want to avoid being scammed by the numerous opportunists that are waiting for a shopper to be careless with his online purchases and credit information.

If you don’t feel like shopping for spa covers, you can also make one yourself. There are a number of articles and how-to guides in the Internet that can help you create a decent spa cover for your home spa. In that way, you can also create spa covers according to your preferences and customize it however way you like it.


Why Portable Hot Tubs Are a Good Buy

Some people who want to have a hot tub at home, or a home spa, would prefer to buy a portable hot tub than the regular one. Many are finding it more advantageous to buy portable hot tubs for a number of reasons, aside from having to deal with the many hassles of electrical wiring and plumbing.

There are two types of portable hot tubs, the inflatable ones and those that are made from molded plastic. The molded plastic variety is created from a kind of plastic that wears after a long time. This kind of hot tub has two skins, and is insulated by a foam filling. This kind of insulation helps maintain water temperature, and thus will be more energy efficient. Most molded-plastic portable hot tubs have seats that are molded in the tub. This might make it uncomfortable for people to move around a lot but will also provide the user with additional support. An inflatable portable hot tub is made from a heavy-duty thick plastic (UPVC). This material will not tear easily.

Portable Hot TubsThe air that is pumped into the tub serves as the insulator of the system. There are also some inflatable tubs that contain an additional panel of insulation. Because an inflatable portable hot tub does not have fixed, or molded seats, moving around on the tub will be a lot easier. Comparing these two kinds of portable hot tubs in terms of cost, the molded plastic tub will definitely cost more than an inflatable tub. Both of these kinds of portable tubs will already come with the necessary equipments however, so there will be no need to spend more in buying the necessary fixing tools and pumps.

The Good and Bad of Portable Hot Tubs

Like a conventional hot tub, a portable hot tub also has its good and bad sides. Before coming up with a decision, it is always best to have enough knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of a portable hot tub.

Most portable hot tubs are not very sturdy, probably because these are made of a lighter and more easily handled material. Thus, if you decide to purchase one, you will have to condition yourself to handle it more carefully than you would a conventional hot tub. When it comes to the aesthetics of the hot tub itself, a conventional hot tub may be more attractive to the eye because there are a lot more that can be done artistically on the material of a non-portable tub. When it comes to a hot tub’s features, a portable hot tub might have less features than that of a conventional one.

While there are disadvantages to a portable hot tub, there are also advantages to it. The most common advantage of portable hot tubs would be its portability. Meaning, you can bring it with you, anywhere you go. Whether you might be relocating to a new place or just go out of town for a vacation, you can still enjoy the luxury of relaxing in your own home spa. With your portable hot tub, you will not have to visit a spa while on another place and share a hot tub with people you don’t know, whom you might possibly catch a disease from.

Another advantage of portable hot tubs is its ease in handling. Because there are no complex features in a portable tub, the basic controls make it easy for you to understand how to operate it. What is needed is only an electrical outlet to which the

Unit can be plugged into.

so, since it is a portable tub, it can be placed on any flat surface, whether it be indoor or outdoor. There will be no need to dig any holes outside for the tub just to save space. Especially if you are living in a relatively small room where space is important to you, you can just as easily store it when it is not in use, in order to maximize the space in your house.

Why A Portable Hot Tub Is The Better Option

When talking about the cost, there is little doubt that a portable hot tub will be relatively less expensive than the usual hot tub. There are portable hot tubs that cost several hundred dollars, as compared to a conventional hot tub that costs several thousands of dollars, even more. By cost, this does not only refer to the prize of the hot tub itself, but the overall expenses incurred because of the hot tub, or the home spa itself.  An in-ground hot tub that needs plumbing will incur expenses. Maintenance of this kind of a hot tub will incur expenses as well. With a portable hot tub, there will be no need for plumbing installation, plus it does not require meticulous maintenance. This all translates to less expense when it comes to your portable home spa. Plus, because portable hot tubs are smaller, these would require less water and a relatively small dose of chemicals. Over time, you will find that a portable hot tub costs much less to maintain than an in-ground hot tub.

Because it is portable, there will be no need to buy another if the time ever comes when you need to relocate. You can just deflate your hot tub and bring it with you to your new house, unlike a hot tub that is embedded into the ground.


The Leisure Bay Spa: Relaxation At Its Best

When it comes to spa-quality hot tubs, the name Leisure Bay Spa most often comes up in the discussion. This brand of spas became gradually known because of the quality and look of its hot tubs and other spa accessories. For over thirty years, the company has continued to create excellent quality hot tubs and spas, and has continued its goal of bringing innovation into the world of spa relaxation.

What The Leisure Bay Spa Is All About

Leisure Bay Spa is a company created over thirty years ago that focused on creating different kinds of hot tubs, aiming to offer people with a spa-like experience in their homes. Quality construction, service, and presentation are the most important areas that the company focuses on in order to bring happiness and satisfaction to its customers.

Every hot tub created by Leisure Bay Spa has been tested and has passed quality control before it can become available to the market. These hot tubs comply with CE standards and have also undergone strict testing by the American UL. With all these, customers who purchase a Leisure Bay Spa creation is assured to have a hundred percent safe product.Leisure Bay Spa

There are several kinds of spas or hot tubs to choose from. Shoppers can choose between five different series, each of which have features that are unlike the other. The Elite hot tubs feature a Casede waterfall with backlights in it, manifold plumbing, a floor drain, and a skimmer system. The celebrity hot tubs feature a programmable digital temperature, as well as lights in five different states. The Polysteel hot tubs offer exchangeable colored lenses for differently colored lights. These hot tubs are also armed with self-diagnostics for temperature control. The Four Winds hot tubs feature full insulation and quiet performance.  The Easy hot tubs include an isolation cover and two digital lights.

Relaxing On a Leisure Bay Spa

With Leisure Bay Spa hot tubs, users will be able to experience the relaxing feeling that hydrotherapy brings. Because these spas are equipped with self-diagnostics, there is little danger of the water overheating and the body becoming dehydrated. The spa’s temperature control system will automatically be adjusted so as to prevent the user from being hurt. You can luxuriate in the spa all you want without having to think of being harmed in the process.

If you love going to the gym, hotel or at a public spa, you might be subjecting yourself to the dangers of being contaminated with infectious diseases. Because there are types of bacteria that love to stay and breed in warm water, and because there are a number of people using the spa like you, there is a higher chance that you might get sick because of it.  Another good thing about owning your own Leisure Bay Spa is that you reduce this health risk.  With your own home spa, it would only be you and your loved who get to enjoy the hot tub.  And because you will not have to share your Leisure Bay Spa with a lot of other people you don’t know, your can indulge in it all you want.