Childhood Fantasy Turned Into Reality With Garden Leisure Spas

Having a swim spa in our backyard was always my childhood dream, but my family could only afford a small bowl of cold water where I can “paddle in.” Outdoor hot tubs then were not so common 15 to 20 years ago. Only rich kids and celebrities had home and garden spas. Now, my children and grandchildren don’t have to envy their neighbors anymore. I now have that childhood dream at the back of my house—a portable spa that’s perfect for outdoor parties and gathering with friends or simply relaxing after a hard day’s work. During summer, my kids and grandchildren can have all the time in the world to experience the spa hot tub that only used to be my childhood fantasy.

Getting up late on a sunny morning just to relax at the side of your pool or wiggle your toes in the water is priceless. You can find an escape from the sweltering heat by just immersing in your hot tub spa.

Garden Leisure SpasThe best hot tubs are now available to most people and not only exclusive to celebrities and the elite. There are lots of outdoor hot tubs and discount hot tubs for you to choose from, whether it is a small paddling pool for babies or splash pool that your bigger children can use. You can even find huge swim spas that you can swim in without having to worry about digging up your backyard just to fit in a conventional sunken pool.

An in-ground spa is available in different sizes and shapes. There are inflatable portable hot tubs for use by toddlers and little children. They can swim around and get all rowdy because these are made of sturdy materials and lining and come in various sizes as well to fit in your home or garden. If you have a more spacious garden, you can choose sectional molded pools that are a little deeper and wider to accommodate the entire family.

Some garden leisure spa parts for bigger hot tubs are hot tub steps, fencing, and platforms. If you want more privacy, you can enclose your pool with shrubs and trees. You can add a hot tub cover and a filter pump so you don’t need to manually drain your tub every time. You can simply power on the filter daily and cover it later in the day. In this way, you are guaranteed to have safe and clean water to use on the next day and the day after that. In addition, you can maintain the bottom of the pool by purchasing a fully automatic cleaner that adapts to the shape of your pool in just an hour. Most robotic cleaners have a one-year warranty.

With multiple options from Garden Leisure Spas, everyone can now afford the luxury of a spa in a box to let you fully enjoy the convenience of having a pool in your garden. You can have some quality time with your family and friends and just lounge in the tub all afternoon on a warm summer day.


Dream Maker Spas and Hot Tubs

There is no better way to relax your tired muscles from a stressful day than immersing in a portable spa at the comfort of your own home. If you are planning to buy a new portable hot tub for the first time, it is advisable to get a simple spa in a box that doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how but doesn’t compromise nor short-sale you on quality and performance.

The Dream Maker Spa (model X-100) is a portable tub that can seat 5 persons and is easy to assemble by yourself. Despite its simplicity and straightforward design, the Dreammaker Spa boasts a powerful jets and hydrotherapy pumps. Does the Dream Maker Hot Tub live up to its name of making dreams a reality? Let’s see how true that is.

Accommodates five persons

If a spacious hot tub is what you need so you can enjoy lots of quality time with your family and friends, the Dream Maker is perfect to comfortable seat up to four adults. It is designed for five persons, but you may not be able to fully stretch out if you max the seating capacity.

Easy to carry around

Dream Maker is known for 100% portable and lightweight hot tubs. At 190 lbs, the Dreammaker X-100 doesn’t give you a hard time to carry around your home wherever you want to place it, whether inside the house or in your backyard. If it’s winter and you have enough space inside, you can live your dream of a warm tub in your bathroom whatever the season is. Just make sure that you install the tub on a level, solid, concrete floor if you put it inside your house.

Dream Maker Spas

Energy efficient

The tub is compatible with regular 110-volt outlets so you do not need a technician to install it. You can simply plug and play. Warming up the water in the spa may take some time, though. You may have to wait around 20 hours for the water to heat up to around 100 degrees and may take even longer if the weather is cold. In addition, Dream Maker spas parts are designed with a 1.8 lb, full foam insulation to help decrease operation costs while being friendly to the environment.

Five powerful jets equipped with air controls on sides

Five 1.5 HP hydrotherapy jets are built to yield high performance. The air controls on the sides enable you to adjust the air level in the jet system so you can match the air and water that you need. Since the soft tub is round, the powerful pressure of the pumps is felt in all angles, giving you a totally relaxing massage at the comfort of your home.

The verdict

Looking at the negative aspects, the Dream Maker Spas can only be installed inside your house or if the weather is mild. If your house is located in the colder areas, you will have to wait for the water to heat up to the temperature that you like.

On a positive note, Dream Maker has put together some value-added features like an artificial waterfall that changes color randomly, giving you a relaxing atmosphere as you relax in the water. The pumps have been increased in power because of the high-performance jets installed in the tub. Ultimately, whether you are buying a hot tub for the first time or you just need to upgrade your old Cal Spas, the Dream Maker X-100 Portable Spa is an excellent pick for a user looking for a portable hot tub that helps you save money without letting you down on performance and quality.


2015 Coleman Spas Collection Part 2: Perfecting Innovation


Part I of the Coleman Spas hot tub reviews gave you an overview of the design and mold of the latest 2012 creations. You learned the awesome features that set the Coleman hot tub apart. Now it’s time to find out what makes the spa’s technology tick function efficiently as a high-end brand of bath fixture.


Buying a new hot tub is a bid decision, so you should invest on something that is made to last a lifetime to make the most out of the couple of thousand dollars that you shell out for it. Thus, you have to make sure that you’re getting a sturdy hot tub with materials that can withstand pressure, weather, and everyday wear and tear. Coleman hot tubs come with a durable, treated 2×4 frame. While many cheap tubs have untreated wood, Coleman promises a tub that doesn’t just break down in 3 to 5 years. The interior of the tub is structured with strong cross beams and 2×4 wood panels, making the tub one of the best in the market. The inner frame is further strengthened by pressure-treated wood.

No other company does a better job at dying their shells. Coleman uses 7 layers of patented laminate acrylic that is molded on top of stainless steel and treated wood. This reinforcement allows the shell to endure heavy use day in and day out. In addition to the thick acrylic shell, Coleman tub comes in 3 different shell colors for you to choose from.


coleman spasYou might be enjoying your new hot tub heater, but will your wallet be as happy once your monthly electric bill comes out? We surely want a power-saving, energy efficient tub so that we don’t have to worry about the next current bill while we totally relax in the tub. What Coleman Spas offers is the state-of-the-art spa insulation system that uses a spray foam to insulate the plumbing and contain heat inside the tub. The tub is then enclosed in an insulating blanket that covers the whole body of the tub, preventing the heat from escaping and maintaining the desired temperature of the water. The hot tub cover also helps contain the heat. The thick, 2-lb cover is ideal in locking in heat and saving you power consumption.


The spa accessories in the Coleman hot tub have been mentioned in passing, but it is important to emphasize what’s really behind the low electric consumption of this hot tub. The Coleman hot tub is equipped with a spa pack and a hot tub heater that uses 40/50 equipment pack. This allows simultaneous operation of multiple pump systems on a 40 amp breaker instead of the regular 50 amp breaker. Generally, the less amps you consume, the less electric bills you have to shoulder.


What separates the Coleman hot tubs from the rest is the jet pump that channels heat through the water inflow. This occurs because of the friction fitting on the outflow of the jet pump. As water flow resists the baffle system, friction is produced. Friction then creates heat, which is returned to the spa when the jet pumps are running. The excess heat generated by this process helps the heater produce more energy to keep the temperature at optimal levels.

The Coleman innovation doesn’t stop there. There is the new feature called the “dual wet end,” where the pump shaft and impeller work as two pumps in one single body. Other spas have pumps that only flow out of one end on the pump as the motor shaft just rotates uselessly on the other end. With Coleman Spas, there is balanced flow to all the jets and equal power distribution without buffing up the electric consumption.


coleman spa partsAnother top-notch feature is the Aqua-flo Circ Master circulation pump, which is one of the most sought-after pumps in the hot tub spa market today. The Aqua-flo Circ Master circulation pump allows the spa to always circulate water without any electricity cost. Other hot tubs use the jet pumps to run the heat, filtration, and sanitation, but Coleman Spas, with the integration of Aqua-flo, uses separate pumps to do a dedicated task.

The Aqua-flo Circ pump circulates water through a 75-sq ft filter, which is large enough for the biggest hot tubs available. Since it uses a single filter, you don’t need to replace multiple filters if for any reason one breaks down. This also increases water turnover rate.

It is also noteworthy to mention the 24/7 ozone cleansing and sanitation system. Ozone is critical in keeping the water safe and free from unwanted substances. Ozone gas is introduced after being generated by the corona discharge unit integrated into the spa. You are not only able to add chlorine or shock to the tub; it is also able to self-sanitize without a user having to do it manually. Moreover, ozone keeps chlorine and other spa components at a low, tolerable level than spas that do not use this system. Using less chlorine and chemicals means you don’t have to keep replacing these chemicals regularly, which could otherwise cost you a few extra dollars.

At this time, you should realize how Coleman Spas combines affordability and luxury in its high-end features. It is environment-friendly, energy-saving, and high-performance and renowned all around the world.


Leisure Bay Spas – quality, cheap hot tubs for the common man

Every man has his or her own idea for fun and recreation. An outdoor enthusiast would get excited about camping and a new hiking gear. A photographer would naturally love to be taking pictures of people on the streets and collecting vintage cameras while a young executive would see shoe shopping as a release from a busy work week. For some owning hot tubs may be considered as a waste of money, but for others who find happiness in soaking in hot water at home with his family, it is worth the investment. Leisure Bay Spa understands that our needs differ – that we are all unique and that we make distinct choices. With this they have come up with a diverse line of designs and a wide price range to cater to every man’s requirement for hot tubs and spas. One who wants to buy a tub may now choose from rare and high-end styles or start with the simple yet quality made models at the best hot tub prices.

Leisure Bay Spa first started in 1974 – back in the time when spas were a rare commodity and only a few people could afford it. Back when big tubs were not as popular to the public and when raw materials and technology were all but limited. But the company and the hot tub market has since evolved. With major breakthroughs, improved manufacturing processes and increased product demand, Leisure Bay Spa is now one of the biggest and a tough brand to compete with. With over 300,000 units sold each year and a market that is continuously growing, it only promises to do better. It works to only build high quality spas and offer cost effective alternatives for everyone , and that includes the working class. It is slowing making its way to bringing the luxury and comfort of hot tub spa into every home. You can definitely keep your life savings and still enjoy your very own Leisure bay Spas.

leisure bay spa

Affordable Leisure Bay Spas can be purchased through various dealers and spa depots. An extensive selection of designs is usually in stock but If you are having trouble finding what you like, visit their official website to learn more about store locations and other amazing designs. Also get to read about detailed product specifications to help you prepare as you plan to renovate your home and install a new tub in one of the vacant spaces in your garden. Discover links and other online resources where you can get useful insights and reviews. New to portable hot tub sizes and colors? Or want to know the technology behind swim spa and how it works? Their website contains great illustrations and valuable information to help you get started and choose the right model. Accessories and Leisure Bay spa parts are also available at reasonable prices. Just contact your favorite stores to inquire about the parts that you need and their corresponding costs.


Leisure Bay Spas – The makers of quality spas

No other company knows spas like Leisure Bay Spas. For forty years, they have dominated the industry by perfecting and improving the way we enjoy and unwind in a warm bath. But you need not go far and go to an expensive hotel all the time. Experience first class relaxation and luxury right in the comfort of your own home through its fine line of hot tubs and spas.

How it all began

Leisure Bay Industries first opened its business in 1974. Like many of the big companies that we see today, it started out small with its operations comprising of a team of five people with tubs that resembled small pools. As outdoor hot tub and hydrotherapy became popular all over the United States, their spa business also boomed and became popular. Today, Leisure Bay Industries has thirty-three factories all over the Southeastern parts of the US and is one of the top suppliers in different parts of the world. The demand for their tubs has tremendously increased over the years that they are now producing around 30,000 of the best hot tubs every year.

 leisure bay spasLeisure Bay’s success comes from its dedication to innovation. Through the years they have invested in research and experts to refine their existing products and develop new ones. By working with top spa designers, they have introduced new technology that makes their spas distinct, durable and easy to use. One of their unique trademark is the Tornado Tube Filtration System, a mechanism that filters water and prevents contamination as it helps maintain water quality within the recommended rate specified by the US body responsible for regulating surface water standards. It basically keeps the water clean and safe while you soak for hours. And their products have built-in heat insulation and heat conservation properties so you do not have to worry about high energy consumption as you take your time to relax. Whether you go for their conventional designs that are made out of natural acrylic material or choose the rather contemporary poly-steel tubs, you get to indulge on sophisticated yet user friendly features.

Let us take their swim spa as an example. The company has made it possible for you to spend hours in the water without the hassle by installing an intelligent feature for draining out water from several days before. This just one of the many ways that they have transformed their products to make it more convenient and efficient for its users. When you just had a stressful week, the last thing you want to do is to manually unload water.

Leisure Bay Spas got you covered

Leisure Bay Spas provides quality spas with a multiplicity of designs that will suit everyone’s needs – one of the many reasons to love them even more. Look for their brand when you think of purchasing a portable hot tub, dream maker spa or garden leisure spa and you will never go wrong. Find the one that suits the style of your home or your backyard. They got spas in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your big family or when you invite close friends over. You can also find the right type that is safe for your small kids who likes to soak and play for hours. Having problems with that limited space that you have left in your garden? They have the kind that you need.

Treat yourself to one of their premium models and relish in the great craftsmanship that they put into every single one of their products. And when you are not ready yet to splurge on a top of the line model, just go to your nearest retailer and check out their discount hot tubs. You may also call your favorite shop for inquiries.

Feel better with Leisure Bay Spas 

If you revisit history, youleisure bay spa will be amazed by how some people from old civilizations regarded bathing in hot tubs as an essential part of living. It has also been proven to help relieve fatigue and stress. Research also shows that soaking in warm bath for several minutes a day can cause people to sleep better thus improving overall health. Even better, the cross fire jets that you see in Leisure Bay Spas products can also sooth those tired muscles and alleviate body pains which may be common among athletes and the workaholics. These massage jets are not there to tickle, but they are rather strategically positioned to target various body parts and muscle groups in the human body, making you feel good with improved blood circulation afterwards. Hot tub therapy can also benefit those suffering from chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension. But whether you have those nagging body pains from which you want to be rid off, or someone who just wants to unwind after a long day at work, it is always good to know that you can come home to a nice warm tub and feel like a load has been taken off your shoulder. 

Still not convinced with all these great health benefits? Why not check out customer reviews online to see what others say or ask your doctor. You can visit their website to see images of their designs and get more details. Drop by the closest showroom to learn more or try out one of Leisure Bay Spas for yourself.