A Look At Leisure Bay Spas: Affordable Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay Spas is the leading manufacturer of hot tubs and spa accessories. Its products are already reaching many homes and its appeal spanning through many countries worldwide.  The company is responsible for introducing cutting-edge designs and technology. These new ideas helped transform the hot tub industry into one that promotes superior quality. It also serves a broader market that includes people from all walks of life. So what else do we know about Leisure Bay Spas?

Leisure Bay industries started small in 1974 by employing five staff. Staff backgrounds were mainly in ground pool construction and maintenance. Over time, the business progressed and they became one of the biggest producers of spas. Soon enough they were opening thirty-three more factory outlets all over the South Eastern portions of the United States of America. With production as big as 30,000 hot tubs a year, Leisure Bay Spas has also been in the lead as a wholesale distributor. They supply to major dealers in the US and various parts of the world.

Leisure Bay Spas Today

Three decades later, Leisure Bay Spas continues to expand and they are still the top producer. They produce well-crafted hot tubs that last for generations. They may have tripled their size and profit, but they have always kept to their promise of delivering products that embody luxury and innovation. Whether made from high-grade acrylic or poly-steel technology, there is no other brand that can surpass what Leisure Bay Spas does.

Looking for a spa fitted with all the advanced massage jets that can bear changing seasons? Do you have hugea family whose idea of a perfect weekend is to spend long hours in the tub? Then Leisure Bay Spas is meant for you. Its spas are made to hold out to the toughest conditions and have high-tech yet practical solutions to everyday hot tub dilemmas.

Take for example their swim spas with drainage systems that automatically flush water out from the bottom. A simple and convenient mechanism that outdates the use of manual release levers in older models. Another one of its trademark technology is called the Tornado Tube Filtration. Its function is to keep the water clean and well within water standards for safe water.

So what makes Leisure Bay Spas stand out among its competitors? And what makes their products different from all the rest? Here is why.

San Marino Leisure Bay Spas

Leisure Bay’s proven success rate

Leisure Bay Spas has an unwavering dedication to quality. Every hot tub that comes out of their factories and is sold out in stores reflects that. They attribute their success to many customers from the US and other parts of the globe. They believed in their products and in what they can do.

Trust a name that has spent over four decades in the hot tub manufacturing industry and a company whose reputation remains almost perfect. For Leisure Bay Spas, forty years does not only demonstrate experience but is also a true testament of how they have served and satisfied many of its customers. They continued making and selling the best hot tubs while never ceasing to refine their craft.

De-stress and replenish those tired muscles each time you soak in your Leisure Bay Spa. Get the most soothing massage through crossfire jets strategically placed to target various parts of your body.  Get a goodnight’s sleep when you use your Leisure Bay Spas. And always feel rejuvenated. No other company knows relaxation better than they do.

Durable and affordable spas

Leisure Bay Spas has invested its resources in testing, research, and innovation to come up with better and stronger products. They test new materials, implement new technology and build better spas that people can afford. Take your pick from its versatile line of deluxe and standard hot tubs.

Taking care of your hot tubs can be a lot of work and can be expensive too. Leisure Bay Spas solves this problem by using materials that are not quick to tarnish, deteriorate and those that are easy to clean. They also have filtration systems that effectively trap dirt and leave hot water uncontaminated for a long time. Plus they have water drains that are in right places so you can spend less time cleaning and more time soaking in your hot tub.

There you have it – five good reasons to trust and love Leisure Bay Spas. Check out their elite and high-end series if you want nothing but the best style to compliment your newly renovated porch. Go through their line of spas and portable hot tubs if you are in search of low-cost yet quality options. Spruce up your garden and give a gift of a hot tub to your family without losing all your life savings. You might also just find a nice inflatable hot tub that you can bring with you anywhere, one that perfectly suits your space and lifestyle.

Discounted and even pre-loved tubs are also available in selected stores. You can start small, get to experience what it feels like to own a private tub then upgrade later to the kind that you have always dreamed of for your home.


Relaxing 2 Person Hot Tub

Are you contented with single hot tub? If not, look for the best 2 person hot tub. The 2 person hot tub is compressed and simply turns into close-fitting space. It can be placed in the small yards. Due to the compressed dimension, the 2 person hot tubs can be certainly manipulated in the yard creating an outfit of a gentle wind ambiance. Users of the 2 person hot tubs can match the gentle wind ambiance with music in the yard.

There are lots of styles for 2 person hot tub which are available and fitted to the needs of 2 users. As luck would have it to be owned, it is quiet relaxing not just only for the body with the water therapy but it also includes relaxation for the feet. To have 2 person spa does not mean primarily for extravagance only. To have 2 person hot tub means to have something to be relaxed with. This kind of relaxation therapy is not expensive. To purchase the 2 person hot tub, the buyer must require having an ample time in deciding what to purchase. Another thing to be played with attention is the amount that needs to spend. The factors to be considered in purchasing are not simple all the time. Even if there are limitless selection in the home store, searching the best is awfully challenging. Every user has special needs. It is very vital to determine what suits the needs of every user. On the other hand, if there are likes of the user, there are also some dislikes. In buying, the personal preference will always win but the decision to buy cannot just be made in an instant pop-up.  Therefore, it is required to look for an aid on what to buy. There are lots of tips where are made easily accessible as a guiding principle on how to get the 2 person hot tubs.

There are some beneficial considerations in purchasing the relaxing 2 person hot tubs

Prior in purchasing the relaxing 2 person hot tubs, there are some beneficial aspects that might be considered. Typically, some are aligned for health purposes. There is wide selection when it comes to the relaxing 2 person hot tubs. Every hot tub has its own dissimilarities because not all hot tubs are in common. The dissimilarities can be either simple but definitely most of the hot tubs offer numerous numbers of beneficial factors. It is needed to look for some guide before buying to have an idea why it is necessary to purchase. To be in the relaxing 2 person hot tub together with a partner can provide healthy welfares. The water therapy can be one of the most common benefits given by the relaxing 2 person hot tubs.

The relaxing 2 person spa can release simple aches

At present, if users had no time to visit hot springs in the country, relaxing 2 person spa is a great alterative. The 2 person spa is exclusively made for two.  Usually, couple has fun relaxing with the 2 person spa. The relaxing 2 person spa is appropriate for water therapy that releases simple aches. The best mood for relaxing and comfort can be gain together with a partner. As the name appears to be relaxing 2 person spa, this implies that the spa is exclusively for two users. Why is it so called relaxing 2 person spa? Well, every individual is familiar that once the body engages into hot water; there are some warm up that takes in. The hot water of the body is the reason why the muscles relax.  Moreover, the warmth of the nervous system can bring short-term relief of pain. The heaviness of the body which is being carried by the feet all the time must need to be relaxed too. The relaxing 2 person spa is fully fitted with nozzles that come from different sizes, various formations that truly intended for specific parts of the body for relaxation. Some other jets specialized on specific part of the back. The health benefits given by the relaxing 2 person hot tub provides good effect to the body. One of the health benefits includes the short-term release of back pain. Others include the loss of weight. The warmth therapy of the relaxing 2 person hot tub may response to the users with arthritis.

2 Person Hot Tub

The systematized used of the relaxing 2 person spa aids in keeping the joint to move. It brings back the power to be flexible. On the other side, it also gives care for the joints. The relaxing 2 person hot tubs bring about the required satisfying atmosphere of every user. It provides warmness pressure that is really combined with flexibility and essential to individuals with arthritis. The water effect serves as battle against muscle weakness. Therefore, the muscle strength is being measured. Due to the fact that soaking in the relaxing 2 person hot tubs can act out with some exercises, it intensifies heart rate but it does not mean that it can upturns blood pressure. Fortunately, it offers a reduced amount of heart stress.


When and How to Replace a Hot Tub Heater

You may have been using your portable hot tub for years now and thinking how many more years it’s going to keep you company. Well, without proper maintenance of its hot tub heater parts, your days with your precious hot tub could be numbered. On average, hot tub water heaters cost about $400 or higher. Of course, you don’t expect your gas hot tub heater to last indefinitely. There will come a time when it is necessary to replace it, generally when your hot tub is older than five years. It is much wiser to preempt the situation wherein your electric gas hot tub heater suddenly breaks down underneath while you relax with your partner.

Depending on what kind of user you are, you can choose among various kinds of heaters. There’s a digital and an analog type. The digital heater is known as easy to use with its simple interface and controls. The newer digital heaters also last longer and yield more precise temperature measurements. You can lounge in your hot tub for hours without worrying about proper thermoregulation as your digital controls take care of that.

Don’t just rush into buying a new hot tub heater. You should first see whether the culprit is really your heater or hot tub heating element. If the problem is really with your hot tub heater element, then there are DIY heating elements that you can install yourself by simply following the manufacturer’s instructions. But if you don’t want to go down and get your hands dirty, you can certainly look for a plumber or technician to get it up and running for you. Generally, all you would need for a hot tub heater replacement of the element is around $30 plus labor costs.

Hot Tub HeaterA telltale sign that your propane hot tub heater is nearing its end is when the water does not get as warm as before. You can look at the temperature monitor to verify this. Unlike the hot tub heater element, you will need a trained professional to configure and install a hot tub heater for you as troubleshooting may get too technical that you might even do more harm than good to your spa.

A certified professional can not only do you hot tub repair like a breeze, but he can also give you sage advice on hot tub prices and which brand of heater to buy. In this way, you can minimize expenses and save yourself the trouble of doing the heavy guesswork in fixing your tub. Incidentally, check if your inflatable hot tub still has warranty so you can have the manufacturer replace the hot tub supplies and send out a technician to install a heater for you. If you are still under warranty, it is better to use official products recommended by the manufacturer to protect the warranty clause. However, you can always get a cheap heater, which can be similarly effective.


Leisure Bay Hot Tubs: Leading Spa Maker

Experience world-class comfort and luxury in every Leisure Bay Hot Tub and pamper yourself with warm baths and massages any time, any day. For over thirty years, Leisure Bay Spas has been the trusted name in hot tub innovation and designs. Its unique and advanced features have not only made spas popular to many but their decades of contribution to elevating product standards and setting the benchmark have made many hot tube users happy. The best hot tubs at reasonable prices – this is what Leisure Bay Hot Tubs are all about.

Each spa can last for many years because they are made from materials and components that go through a series of testing and quality checks. Whatever the model, users are guaranteed with safe hot tubs that meet high CE standards.  Newly developed spas and parts must also comply with strict measures before they can be released to the public and approved for production.

What you should know about Leisure Bay Hot tubs

 When it comes to being stylish, Leisure Bay hot tubs are also one to beat. With its versatile line of spas, customers can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, waters jets and massage features and then own one that ultimately meets one’s hot tub requirements. Customization is also possible and users can request to have the color of the lighting system to be modified.

leisure bay hot tubs

To add it to its relaxing vibe, most Leisure Bay hot tub models also come with waterfall effects with a stream of water cascading on the sides which also complements the tub’s under water LED lighting. Within arm’s reach is a ‘touch control display’ – a device containing easy-to-use commands used for controlling and changing settings. A quick and brilliant way to know temperature reading and play with controls even while you are slumped in your tub.

 Any Leisure Bay tub is also fortified with a thick layer of insulation called ‘Tri-Matrix Insulation” which functions as a protective surface and one that also maintains water temperature. The tub itself regardless of model is built from strong hot tub parts such as acrylic, a material that should be strong enough to  hold out weight and withstand impact. When you have four to six people sitting and playing in the tub, the toughest of components are imperative.

Cabinets or the spas’ outer casings are made from heavy-duty structure and are especially constructed to hold out against unwanted blows and the worst weather conditions. Sturdy and well-made cabinets are essential in outdoor hot tubs while filters are necessary to keep water in any type of spa safe and clean. Leisure Bay hot tubs prevent water contamination by using high grade filters that trap dirt and preserve water quality for a long time. Filter cartridges can be easily purchased and are easy to replace when the need arises.

Another vital Leisure bay hot tub parts would be its 24 hour circulation pump with an adjustable filter cycle. This part helps clean the water by letting it pass through fifteen to twenty cycles ileisure hot tubn a day. And with a device called, ‘Balboa Ozonator’, water and air pressure are regulated so that one can be sure that water coming in through the tub is always fresh and clear. Balboa Ozonator not only helps you save up on chemicals but it is also plays a crucial part in maintaining temperature and in promoting energy efficiency.

A spa cover serves as an effective shield for hot tubs when it is placed on top to protect its vital parts. And when you have Leisure bay hot tub covers, one does not have to worry about finding one that fits. One may choose from the following designs:  midnight opal, pearl white, carribean blue, redwood duralife brown, oyster opal, sahara, blue grass, and redwood duralife grey.

Customer satisfaction does not end in the factory nor does it only happen at the hot tub dealers when you buy a brand new unit, and you can count on Leisure Bay Spa to know what excellent customer service is. Customers can always depend on Leisure Bay to provide assistance and to respond to inquiries when it comes to warranty, parts and service.

Introducing the Leisure Bay Hot Tub Series 

Leisure Bay hot tub models are classified into five different categories with each series possessing a unique set of features. They are called the Easy Series, the Fourwinds Spa Series, Polysteel Series, Celebrity Series and Elite Series.

Whether you are looking for a 2 person hot tub or something big enough to accommodate your family, Leisure Bay hot tub series has the right tub for you. 

leisure bay spaThe Easy Series has two models, the Galaxy and the Easy Spa. Both types are UL and CE listed making them safe for you and your family. They are also fitted with isolation covers and equipped with digital control panels. 

Six models comprise the Four Winds Series: the Utopia, the Caribbean, the Maui, the Jamaica, the Cabo, and the Barbados. Treat yourself to a quiet time of relaxation coupled with a full shoulder and neck therapy when you buy a hot tub from these series, complete with Balboa Ozonator and digital controls. For a spa built with a maintenance-free cabinet, go with the Utopia. 

The Polysteel Series are composed of the Adirondack, the Gibraltar, and the Summit. What makes this Leisure Bay Hot tub category stand out is its exchangeable colored lenses found in the LED lights. All three models are also equipped with a polytuff cabinets, digital temperature controls as well as self-diagnostics. 

The Hilo, the Tonga, and the Santo are the three types that make up the Celebrity Series. If you seek programmable lighting systems to help change the ambience and easy-to-use digital controls, this is the series for you. 

The last, but certainly not the least of the five classes is the Elite Series which has a total of seven models. All of which have what is called a “chemical free heater”, a backlit-Casede Waterfall, self-diagnostics, manifold planning, and a floor drain. 

Be it classic or the modern style, each Leisure Bay Hot tub holds great qualities that one look for in a hot tub. Check out their website to learn more about these amazing designs and visit hot tub reviews to learn what others have to say about these five series. Come visit your favorite stores and retailers for the updated hot tub prices.


Taking care of your Leisure Bay Spa Parts

You can tell a smart spa user by how much she or he knows about hot tubs. That person has not only mastered the most economical ways of enjoying spas but he or she also has learned a thing or two about proper maintenance and spa parts. Like annual physical exams with the doctors, a responsible owner will run regular spa check-ups to ensure that a hot tub is running smoothly and problem free. When replacing Leisure Bay Spa Parts, she or he will only buy genuine parts and that person also understands that spending on quality products can potentially help increase lifespan and improve performance.

Leisure Bay has recently developed a new control system called “Flexit Digital System” to help repair and replace parts of old spas. Its design makes it compatible with ten year old Leisure Bay Spa Parts. It will also work well with models equipped with 24-hour circulation pumps and small hot tubs.

Four common Leisure Bay Spa Parts

Any Leisure Bay Hot Tub is composed of several parts with each one playing an important role in making spas produce clean, hot water that is perfect for soaking and bath. Some of the parts that we know of are Leisure Bay Spa Jets, their motors, control buttons, electrical and plumbing components, but we shall discuss only some of the main parts namely the control or also called the ‘spa park’, heater, pump and filter.

The control or spa park is the thing that allows you to control or manipulate hot tub mechanisms. It may either function as an ‘air control’ or a ‘digital control’. This part of your hot tub may need replacing overtime, so it is important that you know their differences and how they fit into your tub. Simply look for the control buttons that are situated right on the panel. You can easily tell air controlled buttons from digital ones through the air hoses that are linked to them. Digital controls are usually characterized by a display of numbers or other characters which will also tell you that it your machine is run by a microcomputer. Another way is by locating the heater. Hot tubs that utilize digital spa park usually have their heaters placed directly on its base.

 leisure bay spa partsThe list of Leisure Bay Spa Parts will not be complete without a heater. Considering that there are various kinds of spa heaters being made and sold, it is only important that you correctly identify the one installed in your tub. Although, universal heaters are already available to fit a variety of Leisure Bay Spas especially when access to your hot tub’s heater is close to impossible, it is still suggested that you do one of these things: 1. Take note of the heater type and its dimensions after purchasing a new spa; 2. Research online for heater information and measurements if you are looking for replacement. Make sure to also get the original and only buy from a trusted spa parts depot.

Another one of the common Leisure Bay Spa Parts are pumps. Spas will not function without these things that drive water through the jets and into the tub. Because they do the hard job of pushing hot water which also tends to carry with it harmful debris and chemicals, it is but common for pumps to wear out. Replacement pumps are available but then again, you have to select the one that matches the motor and hot tub. If you do not know the kind to purchase, you can always get helpful information online. A more reliable way wouldleisure bay spa part be to remove the one attached to your old tub so you can get the exact replacement. Switching to new pumps can also cost a lot of money, but it offers a more cost effective solution over repairs.

Changing filters regularly is one of the many ways on how you can keep your hot tub running like a well-oiled machine. Filters play the important role of making sure that you are soaking in clean hot water. Worn out and old filters will not only cause dirty, un-purified water but it could potentially clog the pump which then could cause the motor to break and affect the overall performance of your spa. Filters are probably one of the cheapest and easiest Leisure Bay Spa Parts to handle so make it a habit to check if they are already due for replacement. Read the Leisure Bay Spa manual for instructions on how you can easily switch filters.

Where to buy Leisure Bay Spa Parts 

You can find Leisure Bay Spa parts at specialty stores that carry home spas and spa accessories. Replacement parts can also be found in local dealers and online retailers that sell products such as  portable hot tub models, coleman spa parts and other hot tub brands. Remember to always buy genuine parts from authorized sellers. Think twice about buying generic parts if you are not a hundred percent sure if they will work with an  old model. When unsure of which parts to get or if you are not comfortable repairing your broken spa, contact a professional for assistance. Getting your spa serviced by an expert can be expensive but you can spare your tub and yourself a lot of trouble when you do not really know anything about spas.