Hot Tub Repair: When You Need An Expert

The hot tub motor is one of the most important parts of the hot tub. It is the one that drives almost all the other parts necessary for water circulation, such as the water pump. Without the motor, your water will just lay stagnant in there, and your hot tub will just be like a swimming pool. The pump will lose the power necessary for maintaining the supply of water through the water jets. That means losing the massaging power of the hot tub, too. So when it breaks down, you need a hot tub repair service.

Diagnosing your hot tub motor system is possible on a separate control setting found in modern hot tubs. The pump system, the circulation, the water jet system, as well as the temperature settings, are also often in the said control setting so you can check if everything is ok yourself. That means easier access to all the control functions.

To start troubleshooting if the hot tub motor or any parts of the hot tub work properly, you can consider different approaches to do it. We will discuss some of these ways below.

Hot Tub RepairIf you want to know the problems regarding the malfunctioning parts of your hot tub, you can consult professionals or well-trained technicians to do the work. However, take note that if you hire anyone to diagnose the problems, you will be paying them real soon.  If you have the budget for that, just put in your mind that it is the safest way to get your hot tub working again. Before the diagnosis takes place, be sure that you turn off all the switches. Only when the expert requests it be on, there should be no electricity flowing to avoid any harm.

Hot Tub Repair – Find The Problem

The pump includes the motor and the wet end. Between the two, the wet end is of course in touch with water, because it controls the circulation of the water throughout the hot tub. The motor, on the other hand, contains the impeller which spins once you turn on the electric current. This in turn makes water movement possible. If the connections get loose, water may leak which is very undesirable. On the contrary, if the screws were very tight, the plate may break, which can damage the whole part.

The parts of the hot tub can break at different times, making checking for them imperative at all costs. For example, the covering of the pump can break when the water gets too many chemicals. Chemicals over time deteriorate the walls of the seal. When the seals are not performing, the water overflows the pump and then can start a problem. You can use several materials for replacing the seal, such as ceramic. But to get the best type of pump seal, you should search for a certain kind that can fit in with the type of pump you have.

Before you replace your hot tub pump, you need to be sure that the damage is such that repair would cost as much as the new pump. Sometimes, it can still be repaired. You can check for other parts to see if they are the ones responsible for the malfunctioning of your hot tub. If they are, then there would be no need for you to blame it on your pump. However, if you are now sure that your pump is the suspect, do the replacements.

Hot Tub Repairs

Replacing the Broken Parts

The damaged parts should be replaced to prevent further damage and to avoid the harm they pose. Some of the parts that may need replacements are the impellers and the ends. All these parts are available for purchase.

One example of the parts that can be broken is the impeller at the ends of the pump. Both ends of the pump, the motor, and the wet end have impellers in them. The impeller at the wet end is more prone to destruction because it is the one exposed to the water. When it becomes jammed, the water would not flow smoothly, which results in the blockage of the water circulation. The water jets would stop producing streams of water. Luckily, there are lots of impeller models that can substitute for your broken one.

Another example of replaceable hot tub pump parts is the seal. As mentioned above, this protects the outer surface of the pump. When continually exposed to dirty water and chemicals, it may deteriorate over time. Once it gets broken replace it with chemical-resistant materials that can survive long exposure to degradative agents.

Fortunately, if your hot tub pump gets damaged, you can find a lot of replacements for it. There is no need to find the exact copy of your broken pump since most other pumps could work with your hot tub. But to be sure that your new hot tub pump will work perfectly fine, several requirements should still be met, such as the speed, voltage, and frequency.


The Best Spots for Hot Tub Installation

Gone are the days when hot tubs were traditionally installed as solely indoor hot tubs. It is not uncommon to see hot tubs in any part of the house and even outside the house so you can enjoy the soothing effects of water therapy after a hard day’s work. It could be a bit daunting to set up a portable hot tub. Apart from getting the correct dimensions and space allotment in your home, it is helpful to acquire some hot tub installation ideas from your friends and the Internet, whether you’re using an in-ground hot tub or an inflatable hot tub.

When you are ready to have the best hot tub shipped to your home, you must first settle on where to have it installed because you don’t want to move an in-ground hot tub to another location once it is fixed in place. You also have to take into consideration how heavily it will be used and how you can make it accessible to everyone.

Here are some great suggestions on hot tub locations:

  1. Backyard Patio

Hot Tub InstallationIf you are a tub user who likes to commune with nature while bathing, the backyard patio is the perfect place for your outdoor hot tub. You can place it adjacent to your back door for easy accessibility so you don’t have to run off just to get to it while it’s raining or snowing. For added privacy, you can set up optional glass panels around your 2-person hot tub so you can savor intimate moments without worrying about your neighbors’ curious eyes.

  1. Enclosed Structure

An enclosure is also a good place to construct a hot tub. A hot tub gazebo is particularly attractive because it comes with a hot tub cover and roof for additional protection and privacy. This frees you from having to clean off the slush from the hot tub cover during winter. Because of this, you can prolong the life span of your tub by protecting it from extreme weather and accumulation of debris. Hot tub installation costs may be an issue for you, so be sure to install only the needed accessories.

  1. Deck

If you have been reading hot tub reviews online, you must have come across suggestions on installing your hot tub in the deck provided that the deck is adequately strong to withstand the tub’s weight and the water volume. In addition to that, you should also consider how many people are going to occupy the tub at full capacity. Aside from the tensile strength, you should know enough about hot tub electrical installation to ensure that you won’t get interrupted by circuit malfunction while you and your friends share a cocktail of wine.

There are a lot of places where you can put your hot tub, but these are just some of the most common sites. For professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact your manufacturer or your local retailer.