Relaxing in a 3 person hot tub with Home and Garden Spas

Are you looking for a relaxation technique with good company?  Owning a hot tub might just be your answer.  A three-person hot tub may be perfect for you than a two-person hot tub or a one person hot tub when you want to feel the atmosphere outside your home.  It may be perfectly sized to fit any tight space without sacrificing its function of providing relaxation and comfort.  Other than this, soaking in a tub is more enjoyable when you share the moment with loved ones or a particular loved one while drinking a glass of wine and letting the jets melt away your worries.

The Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub is small hot tub that just about fits in a limited space. It is user friendly, easy to maintain, and still provides the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation.  Home and Garden Spas are the best hot tubs greatly known for state of the art quality products manufactured from environmentally safe equipments and practices, using only the finest and most efficient components.  It utilizes energy-efficient methods, so, it is practical and environmentally friendly.

Features of the Home and Garden Spas 3-Person 31-Jet Hot Tub

3 person hot tub3 person capacity including lounger. The spa is designed for a 2-3 person hot tub with the dimensions of 80” width by 60” length.  It is appropriate for couples or for a small family.  Because of its small size, it saves up space and economizes water and energy.  Less water is needed to fill the tub up and less energy is needed to heat up water.

31 interchangeable jets. There are 31 stainless steel jets of three different types which target different pressure points of varying intensity in your body.  The Whirlpool jets provide pressure from a high amount of water focusing on a specific area in your body.  The Pressure Point Jets, on the other hand, focus on target areas on the upper limbs of your body such as the neck and shoulder as well as the lower limbs like your calves and feet to relieve you of your stiff aching muscles as well as increase the blood flow in your body. The Therapy Jets generate a swirling motion to relieve you of your stiff muscles in your neck.  All three jets provide hydrotherapy, a therapeutic experience of relaxing and soothing your body, powered by six horsepower effective pump.

User friendly control system and Nine-colored LED lighting.  The spa is easily managed by your fingers just beyond your reach.  The controls are not difficult to maneuver.  On the other hand, the LED lighting as an added feature adapts to the external atmosphere, adds safety, and helps you choose a theme to match your mood. It also conserves energy.

You might have to get an electrician to install 220V system, not appropriate for those who just want to plug and use the spa right away.   However, this is an outdoor hot tub type ideal for good company.  It is quite pricey for a three person hot tub but due to its high quality features and energy efficiency methods, it is a smart investment that you get to enjoy and share with your loved ones.  After all, you get your money’s worth when you invest in quality that fits your purpose.

For more information on the Home and Garden Spas 3-Person visit their website for their hot tub prices and even hot tub sales.

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