Leisure bay spa parts

Leisure bay spa parts are not the same as they come in different sizes and dimensions that will rightly fit individual’s leisure bay spa. The major and important parts of a leisure bay are; spa pack, spa heater, spa pump, wet end and the blower. In this article, leisure bay spa parts mentioned above will be considered in details.

Leisure bay spa parts – what you need

Leisure bay spa parts – Spa park or control

Leisure bay spa parts park or control are in two forms. You have to choose the one that right fits your spa system. It is either digital or Air. You can know this by looking at your control button. It has different symbol for digital and air systems. Choose the one that fits your spa system for effective performance.

How do you know if your leisure bay spa uses the air system? You can recognise it by checking the topside control with buttons above showing no digital read out and you find air hoses in the leisure bay spa. On the other hand if your spa is using digital system, it will be displayed on the top of the spa.

In addition, the digital system has its heater positioned at the base of the control box. There is a new digital system manufactured in recent time known as flexfit digital system. It is for those that have a leisure bay spa manufactured for the past 10 years and a circulation pump of 24 hours. You can also use it if your spa is very small and you don’t have enough space as you desire.

The monetary difference between the digital system and an air system is not too much, so you can even decide to upgrade to a much better flexible digital system when you need the leisure bay spa parts. Also, there is no need for you to change your heater when using the new digital system. It will work with or without a new heater.

Leisure bay spa parts – heaters

Leisure bay spa heaters are in three ways. Like the spa parks or control discussed above, you have to also select the heater that rightly fits your spa. The first thing to consider is the brand. You have to know how your original spa pack or control brand looks like. You can do that by checking the spa heaters that fits your brand and then pick it up. The second way to select heater for your leisure bay spa is by looking at the popular heater that most people uses. Usually, when you choose any of the popular heaters, it may rightly be the size of your spa. There are six types of heaters that are popular among leisure bay spa users. Two of the heaters are universal. This implies that they can rightly match different kinds of spas. You just need to check them out when buying it either online or offline.

Leisure bay spa parts - filterThe third and last thing to consider when you choosing your leisure bay spa heater is the vital statistics of your spa. If you desire to get the precise match for your heater and you don’t have knowledge of your brand, you can check it on the internet to be sure of the brand’s measurement. All the measurements are done from the left flange to the terminal, a stud and a pressure switch (if your system has one).

With a good research skill, you should be able to come across a good heater that will be long lasting and of high quality. The heater should be made of stainless steel housing so that it will be free from corrosion. It must also be factory built heaters which have been tested for quality assurance and you must purchase from a store where warranty is provided.

Leisure bay spa parts – pumps

Among the most important leisure bay spa parts are the pumps. The pumps are the heart of the spa system, just like the heart is to a human being. Without the pumps, the whole leisure bay spa will be nothing but a mere expensive bathtub. The pumps are enclosed in a plastic mold which is placed at the end of the motor. There are two connections which rotate at 360 degrees. They are the suction and the return. Pumps are in different shapes and designs, you can pick anyone that fits your taste and brand. However, you must watch out for any malfunction of the pumps and quickly fix it up when problem is noticed; otherwise you will have to sit in stagnant and unclean water.

Leisure bay spa parts – filter

The spa filter is cheap but one of most essential leisure bay spa parts that must be taken care of. It is expected that you change your spa filter once in a year. This is because the filter is made of a fibrous material that slowly relaxes over a long time of usage producing a big space for dirt to pass through and block up the pump. This is the reason you must make it a habit to always change the filter on a yearly basis, otherwise when it blocks the pump, you will have to replace both the pump and the filter at the same time. Also, it is not even healthy to allow dirt into the water.

To close this article, leisure bay spa parts, or at least some of them, are essential if you don’t want to be dependant on the maintanace people. You will save both money and time by having a few crucial parts at home.

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