Get the best Hot Tub Accessories

To maximize the benefits you’ll get from your hot tub spa, you need to get fun hot tub accessories that will fully enhance your relaxation. One of these is the classic and very familiar yellow rubber ducks. Though they may look like lifeguards, a newly wed couple or perhaps a beautiful woman taking a bath will make lounging in your tub more pleasurable especially if you intend to share your in-ground hot tub with friends and family. Your hot tub will simply have something unforgettably different to offer.

Other than these bizarre, childish options, there are more useful hot tub accessories/gifts that you can bring home to not only make bathing in your tub fun but also truly therapeutic. A very useful addition is a DVD player which you can install on the tub’s side. Similar to a DVD player, a CD player or a radio will boost your spa experience. Many hot tub manufacturers have already pre-installed this as a common tub accessory that is directly wired to the tub’s electric source.

As much as it is highly enjoyable to watch a movie as you lounge in your tub all day, you don’t want to fall asleep and get roused by electric sparks flying your way because the circuit got overworked or drowned in moisture.

Functional Hot Tub Accessories

If you are planning to give out a gift to a friend or family member to complement their portable hot tub, hot tub covers or hot tub filters are never bad choices. If your friend has a garden spa, perhaps a perfect gift is a towel warmer, especially in cold weather. Imagine leaving the tub and wrapping yourself in a towel as warm as the water you got out from.

Hot Tub Accessories

If you are looking for something fun and imaginative, go for water-proof playing cards that don’t get soggy in water or rubber toys for your children. If you want something more useful, choose no-nonsense products like cover locks or tray table so your friend can eat and drink in their indoor hot tub.

Many customers complain of pests like rodents and insects, especially in the cold season. A good suggestion is an insect and rodent repellant spray that is 100% safe to humans and pets but fatal to rats. When a rat smells the essential oils, it will instantly scurry away from the repugnant smell.

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