Features Of Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay hot tubs are known for not only being luxurious in style but also for being high-quality hot tubs. A number of home spa owners chose to buy one that has the Leisure Bay name because they feel that their money will be well spent. The very good quality of these home spas has allowed Leisure Bay Spas to stay and prosper in the business for over thirty years.

What Makes A Leisure Bay Hot Tub a Good Buy?

Hot tubs that have the Leisure Bay name undergo thorough quality control testing before being introduced to the market. These home spa systems have all been built complying  with CE standards.  These hot tubs have been proven by safety experts to be completely safe.

Leisure Bay Hot TubsEach design has been created with the user’s maximum comfort and relaxation in mind.  Leisure Bay hot tubs offer users with features that allow them to customize these hot tubs according to their preferences, in order to have a great home spa experience. An example of its customizable features would be the tub’s lighting system, wherein the user can choose the colors he would want to have in order to have that perfect spa ambiance.

Whatever design a Leisure Bay hot tub may have, it always comes with the waterfall effect, made even more attractive when combined with the tub’s LED lights. Another feature that all of these hot tubs share is its touch control display, allowing the user to easily control the home spa system according to his preference. Another feature that an owner can be proud about his Leisure Bay hot tub is its tri-matrix insulation. With the surface made from a layer of acrylic, the tub is also resistant to impact.

The hot tub’s spa cabinet has been designed and made such that it is able to withstand even the worst of weather conditions. Its filters are of high-quality and have been especially made for Leisure Bay Spa. All Leisure Bay hot tubs are installed with a 24h-circulation pump, complete with an adjustable filter cycle. This pump cycles the water for fifteen to twenty times in a day. Combined with a Balboa ozonator (a tool that customizes water and air pressure as well as assists in water filtration) which is also installed in the spa system, the water quality that is delivered is at an optimum, which makes the use of chemicals very minimal. The Balboa ozonator is also responsible for regulating the temperature in the spa, in order to achieve energy efficiency.

Leisure Bay hot tubs come in a variety of spa covers. Future home spa owners can choose their spa covers from the following options: midnight opal, pearl white, carribean blue, redwood duralife brown, oyster opal, sahara, blue grass, and redwood duralife grey.

With all the features that these hot tubs offer, you would be pleasantly surprised to find that a high-quality home spa system can be reasonably priced. People on the lookout for great hot tubs will want to check out a Leisure Bay hot tub as it is one that is not overly expensive, but fairly priced according to its features.

Different Series of Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay has created five different classes of its hot tubs. Each hot tub belongs to five different series of home spa systems known as the Easy Series, the Fourwinds Spa Series, the Polysteel Series, the Celebrity Series and the Elite Series. Each of these series boast of features that differ from all of the other Leisure Bay series.

Leisure Bay Hot TubThe Easy Series have two models, the Galaxy and the Easy Spa. Both models are UL and CE listed, proof of how safe these hot tubs are. Both are also equipped with an isolation cover, as well as a digital control. The Four Winds Series have a total of six models: the Utopia, the Caribbean, the Maui, the Jamaica, the Cabo, and the Barbados. Aside for the Utopia, these Leisure Bay hot tubs do not have maintenance-free cabinets but all models offer a full shoulder and neck therapy. All of these models operate quietly, thus preventing the user/s from being distracted by noise. All models are also equipped with a Balboa ozonator, complete with digital controls. The Polysteel Series have a total of three models: the Adirondack, the Gibraltar, and the Summit. All three models come with exchangeable colored lenses for the LED lights. All three models are also equipped with a polytuff cabinet and digital temperature control, complete with self-diagnostics.The Celebrity series is available in a total of three models: the Hilo, the Tonga, and the Santo. All three models have lights that are programmable, according to the user’s preference. Lastly, the Elite Series has a total of seven models. All seven models have what is called a “chemical free heater”, a backlit-Casede Waterfall, self-diagnostics, manifold planning, and a floor drain.

All and every one of these Leisure Bay hot tubs are backed by excellent customer service. High quality products combined with high quality customer service is one of the main reasons why  Leisure Bay Spa has been around for thirty years and more. The customer can rely on the company for assistance whenever they fill that something is wrong with their Leisure Bay hot tub. Aside from these Leisure Bay hot tubs, the company also produces different kinds of spa accessories in order for customers to have a complete home spa experience.

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