Experience the Best of Great Lakes Hot Tubs

You cannot help but feel a little intimidated by the luxurious lines of products displayed in a Great Lakes franchise. These Great Lakes Spas offer more than just indulgence in the best hot tubs; you get a total experience in therapeutic sauna, rejuvenating your senses while listening to classical music, and getting the vintage feel of the Great Lakes hot tub parts themselves.

Included in the hot tub reviews is the popular “Flashdance” shower, which sprays cold water from the top of the tub when you pull a chain. Adorned by man-made natural design coupled with artificial flowers and plants hung everywhere, the Great Lakes Spa instantly grabs attention with its art display made of stained glass, framed by a floor mat conveniently located beside the mirror and a playful bunny playing in the lake.

We have to admit that you don’t just choose Great Lakes Spas get relaxation; you can get that from any other hot tub dealers. You can even go to your old trusty Jacuzzi at a local spa if all you need is a little whirlpool with massage treatment. Besides, they are way cheaper and more private.

Even though the main asset of Great Lakes hot tubs is the relaxation that the spas bring, a standout feature, especially for man, is the privacy and romantic ambience that the stained glass brings to couples. It is believed that a hot tub is an aphrodisiac to women which they simply can’t say no to.

Not everyone thinks the same, though. More conservative women believe that a Great Lakes 2 person hot tub is just “enjoyable and relaxing,” as mentioned by a customer named Kietha Zemouri, who has a boyfriend for about a year.

Hot tubs first rose to fame in the 1960s in California when daily baths became customary based on a Japanese practice known as the “ofuro.” Gary Nolan and Charles Cooper came up with the first ever, unprecedented Midwest tub in 1979. The Midwest hot tub  features 2 VIP suits, 5 common suites, and one presidential suite.

The regular suites come with showers, tubs, and a designated dressing compartment and car music system in powerful stereos. You have to bring your own playlist, though, if you don’t want to get sick of listening to tapes of Luther Vandross over and over again. On the other hand, all VIP suites offer plus saunas, super charged jet pumps, and of course, the “Flashdance” shower. The presidential suite is an all-in-one, luxury version with all the amenities along with a fridge filed with bottle beverages except alcoholic drinks and the nude mural of a female hung on its wall.

Mark Pertile, an owner and operator of Great Lakes Hot tub, claims that Great Lakes hot tubs use no chemicals in its water purification system in a process called Photo-Zone. Photo-Zone makes use of activated oxygen to keep the water pure and safe. Temperature of the water is also modulated at around 102 degrees with hourly monitoring. Moreover, Pertile adds that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each use. There is even a signage in the lobby advising customers that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cannot thrive in the treated water. Though Great Lakes promotes romantic encounters, it doesn’t sell condoms at the front desk.

Great Lakes Hot Tubs

There are several known disadvantages. Not suite, even the presidential suite, has private bathroom facilities.  Don’t overindulge in booze if you don’t want to get dressed and leave the premises. You’ll have to share the dressing room with others, too.

But these little drawbacks are eclipsed by the benefits. If you visit late in the evening, you can park legally for a very long time that it feels like forever. Of course, after relaxing in the hot tub, you will sleep like a baby as soon as you get home. If you can’t afford exorbitant hot tub prices or just don’t have enough space at home to fit an in-round hot tub, you will never go wrong with Great Lakes spas.

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