2015 Coleman Spas Collection Part 2: Perfecting Innovation


Part I of the Coleman Spas hot tub reviews gave you an overview of the design and mold of the latest 2012 creations. You learned the awesome features that set the Coleman hot tub apart. Now it’s time to find out what makes the spa’s technology tick function efficiently as a high-end brand of bath fixture.


Buying a new hot tub is a bid decision, so you should invest on something that is made to last a lifetime to make the most out of the couple of thousand dollars that you shell out for it. Thus, you have to make sure that you’re getting a sturdy hot tub with materials that can withstand pressure, weather, and everyday wear and tear. Coleman hot tubs come with a durable, treated 2×4 frame. While many cheap tubs have untreated wood, Coleman promises a tub that doesn’t just break down in 3 to 5 years. The interior of the tub is structured with strong cross beams and 2×4 wood panels, making the tub one of the best in the market. The inner frame is further strengthened by pressure-treated wood.

No other company does a better job at dying their shells. Coleman uses 7 layers of patented laminate acrylic that is molded on top of stainless steel and treated wood. This reinforcement allows the shell to endure heavy use day in and day out. In addition to the thick acrylic shell, Coleman tub comes in 3 different shell colors for you to choose from.


coleman spasYou might be enjoying your new hot tub heater, but will your wallet be as happy once your monthly electric bill comes out? We surely want a power-saving, energy efficient tub so that we don’t have to worry about the next current bill while we totally relax in the tub. What Coleman Spas offers is the state-of-the-art spa insulation system that uses a spray foam to insulate the plumbing and contain heat inside the tub. The tub is then enclosed in an insulating blanket that covers the whole body of the tub, preventing the heat from escaping and maintaining the desired temperature of the water. The hot tub cover also helps contain the heat. The thick, 2-lb cover is ideal in locking in heat and saving you power consumption.


The spa accessories in the Coleman hot tub have been mentioned in passing, but it is important to emphasize what’s really behind the low electric consumption of this hot tub. The Coleman hot tub is equipped with a spa pack and a hot tub heater that uses 40/50 equipment pack. This allows simultaneous operation of multiple pump systems on a 40 amp breaker instead of the regular 50 amp breaker. Generally, the less amps you consume, the less electric bills you have to shoulder.


What separates the Coleman hot tubs from the rest is the jet pump that channels heat through the water inflow. This occurs because of the friction fitting on the outflow of the jet pump. As water flow resists the baffle system, friction is produced. Friction then creates heat, which is returned to the spa when the jet pumps are running. The excess heat generated by this process helps the heater produce more energy to keep the temperature at optimal levels.

The Coleman innovation doesn’t stop there. There is the new feature called the “dual wet end,” where the pump shaft and impeller work as two pumps in one single body. Other spas have pumps that only flow out of one end on the pump as the motor shaft just rotates uselessly on the other end. With Coleman Spas, there is balanced flow to all the jets and equal power distribution without buffing up the electric consumption.


coleman spa partsAnother top-notch feature is the Aqua-flo Circ Master circulation pump, which is one of the most sought-after pumps in the hot tub spa market today. The Aqua-flo Circ Master circulation pump allows the spa to always circulate water without any electricity cost. Other hot tubs use the jet pumps to run the heat, filtration, and sanitation, but Coleman Spas, with the integration of Aqua-flo, uses separate pumps to do a dedicated task.

The Aqua-flo Circ pump circulates water through a 75-sq ft filter, which is large enough for the biggest hot tubs available. Since it uses a single filter, you don’t need to replace multiple filters if for any reason one breaks down. This also increases water turnover rate.

It is also noteworthy to mention the 24/7 ozone cleansing and sanitation system. Ozone is critical in keeping the water safe and free from unwanted substances. Ozone gas is introduced after being generated by the corona discharge unit integrated into the spa. You are not only able to add chlorine or shock to the tub; it is also able to self-sanitize without a user having to do it manually. Moreover, ozone keeps chlorine and other spa components at a low, tolerable level than spas that do not use this system. Using less chlorine and chemicals means you don’t have to keep replacing these chemicals regularly, which could otherwise cost you a few extra dollars.

At this time, you should realize how Coleman Spas combines affordability and luxury in its high-end features. It is environment-friendly, energy-saving, and high-performance and renowned all around the world.

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